Salomar Voss

A young-seeming man with thick black hair kept at collar length. Broad-chested and well-toned although shorter than average


Salomar Voss is a young man (appearing to be around 30 standard years) only recently elevated to full Inquisitorial rank. He served well as an apprentice to the late Inquisitor Valder Dekk who fell in battle during a mutant insurrection one year ago. On the death of his master, it was determined that Salomar should be given the full rank of Inquisitor and he has spent the time since assembling a staff to assist him in his new role.

He is a formidable psyker and a competent warrior however he also possesses a keen and perceptive mind. The Ordo Hereticus has charged him with uncovering calumny throughout the Calixtus sector and he has taken to this duty with enthusiasm.

Salomar Voss

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